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Triplochitone Scleroxylon

Sometimes called abachi or obeche.

The benefits of Ayous

  • Even texture
  • Stable
  • Light Weight

Stable wood type for skeletons

Ayous is tropical softwood that, without any treatment, is a type of wood with a very low durability.

Nowadays it is 'thermally preserved'.

Here the wood is steamed, which gives it a higher natural durability.

Note: the wood will damage as quickly, suffer from damp spots, little fireproof, etc.

Uniform texture

Thanks to the uniform texture with a cross-wire, but straight grain, the wood is ideal for thin objects such as moldings that do not have to be finished with a high gloss. The grain looks straight, with streaks when it is sawed for quarter of an hour, but usually it is cross-linked.

Fast drying, stable wood type

Ayous is surprisingly easy to edit. It is stable, fast-drying and easy. In addition, the wood variety Ayous is especially appreciated for its appearance when it is pickled.

The price of Ayous

The wood variety Ayous does not seem to be threatened and is very well available, especially for mass production, which makes it relatively cheap. Are you interested in the price of Ayous? Request a quotation without obligation.

Main use of Ayous

  • Wall cladding (if thermally treated)
  • NO terrace / deck construction
  • Customization for indoors
  • Sauna construction