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Ocotea Rodiaei

Sometimes called demarara green heart

The benefits of Ipé

  • Natural hardness and strength
  • Very durable in water

Amazingly durable wood

Ipé is one of the most famous types of wood for terrace / decking boards. She has a high volumetric weight and a great stability, which makes her excellent for terrace construction.

Note: There may be major differences in structure and color.

It is often the first choice for shipbuilding, especially of boats and deck. It is also used for bridges and piers.

Compact, hard and strong

It is difficult to work, but astonishingly strong. That is why it is used in situations where poor drying does not matter - for example under water - and it does not matter that surfaces are not perfect.

Ipé in the workshop

This tropical hardwood is not an easy type of wood to work with. An advantage is that the surface can be finished to a wonderfully smooth end result, but it does cost you a lot of effort to achieve this.

The price of Ipé

Ipé is not widely available, but it can, however, be found at specialized importers and specialized wood shops. Are you interested in the price of ipé? Request a quotation without obligation.

Main use of ipé

  • Decking
  • No wall cladding
  • Shipping, including boat building and shipbuilding
  • In construction for general construction work
  • Both for interior and exterior floor work