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Chlorophora Excelsa

Sometimes also called kambala or chlorophora regia.

The advantages of Iroko

  • Profitable price
  • Oily and durable
  • Hard, lightweight wood type
  • Work well
  • Less stable than paduk, afzelia and afrormosia.

Oily wood type

The oily texture of Iroko betrays its usefulness for boat construction and poles. It has a rich, medium brown color with some dark parts. This type of wood is easy to dry and has few deviations. It is a durable type of wood for doors and windows, which is why Iroko is especially popular for joinery.

Hard wood type, lighter than 'rivals'

It is durable and is therefore used for non-decorative purposes. Iroko is not as heavy as a lot of tropical hardwood (640 kg / cu.m).

Iroko has a lot of color difference and is also less stable than paduk, afzelia and afrormosia.

Work well

Iroko is the practical type of wood among the tropical hardwood species. The even but coarse grain of Iroko is very difficult to machine with hand tools. Iroko is easy to saw and can be finished to a beautiful shine.

What you see, what you get and quarters and dosse sawn sides differ little.

The price of Iroko

Iroko is relatively cheap. The vulnerability of Iroko is feed for discussion, on some lists he is classified as vulnerable and on some low risk. Are you interested in the price of Iroko? Request a quotation without obligation.

Main use of Iroko

  • Wall cladding
  • Port construction
  • Joinery and external joinery
  • Shipping and boat building