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Mezilaurus Itauba

Sometimes also called cinnamon.

The advantages of Itauba

  • Polyvalent
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Only top quality

Itauba for exterior woodwork

Due to its good durability, Itauba is mainly used in exterior joinery. You can find it in terraces, structures and posts, but also in turning, parquet and furniture. The special thing about Itauba is that the heartwood is in the natural durability class I, while the sapwood belongs to class V.

Itauba Shelves

Immediately after the planing of Itauba planks, color differences can be exhibited. However, this color difference will rapidly recover well under the influence of light. The wire is straight with a fine grain.

Multipurpose wood

The durability, stability and strength of Itauba make it a versatile type of wood. It is therefore suitable for numerous applications within (carpentry, turning, parquet, floors and furniture) and outdoor (hydraulic engineering, noise barriers, poles, façade cladding, terraces). In recent years it has been upgraded to a popular type of wood for terraces.

The price of Itauba

Belgium imports only top quality FAS (First and Second) Itauba that is virtually spinning and knot free. Are you interested in the price of Itauba? Request a quotation without obligation.

Main use of Itauba

  • Exterior joinery
  • Very popular for terraces
  • Noise barriers
  • Parquet and floors