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Manilkara Bidentata

Sometimes also called horse meat, balata, or bolletry.

The benefits of Massaranduba

  • Extremely durable
  • Used for heavy load-bearing constructions

Nice to finish

This heavy type of wood looks flesh-colored when freshly cut. You can work this strong wood well and finish it very nicely. It turns darker and gets a red to reddish-brown color. Despite being a polyvalent wood species, it has been used mainly in water and bridge construction in recent years, but also for garden wood and fine to coarse constructions.

The 'Bankirai' replacement

Because the quality of bankirai declined year after year, we have already switched over to the wood variety massaranduba for twenty years.

This decking board is a lot more durable and also works very nicely.

Provide a good extraction

During the processing of Massaranduba an irritating substance is released, so it is therefore necessary to ensure good extraction.

The price of Massaranduba

We supply Massaranduba planks at the best price. Are you interested in the price of Massaranduba? Request a quotation without obligation.

Main use of Massaranduba

  • Heavy load-bearing structures
  • Exterior joinery including stairs and terraces
  • Hydraulic engineering works
  • Industrial floors