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Intsia spp.

Sometimes called ironwood or Borneo teak

The advantages of Merbau

  • Natural durability
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Looks like Afzelia

Strong similarity with Afzelia

The wood species Merbau has a strong resemblance to Afzelia. It is an interesting type of wood with a high natural durability that is very stable and contains a solid structure.

Beautiful appearance

Merbau may be colored darker locally, but under the influence of light these differences fade and the color should become more even. The heartwood can be yellow, orange, red or gray brown with different color variations. When Merbau is exposed to the sky, it darkens remarkably after - sometimes even to almost black.

Merbau still 'bleeds' after it. The most important characteristic of merbau is 'bleeding'.

Merbau is giving off juices for quite some time, which can cause stains on surrounding floors, walls, etc.

If you use merbau, you should always finish it.

The price of Merbau

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Main use of Merbau

  • Hydraulic engineering works
  • Windows and doors
  • Wall coverings
  • Decorative joinery
  • Parquet floors and industrial floors