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Cylicodiscus Gabunensis

Sometimes called bouémon, denya or n'duma

The benefits of Okan

  • Wear-resistant wood type
  • Alternative to Azobé
  • Beautiful colors

Durable, strong and durable wood type

Okan is a very durable, strong and durable type of wood which makes it suitable for all kinds of constructions, including groundwater and fresh water and saltwater contact. The high density and high wear resistance makes it suitable for industrial floors or decking.

Wood with beautiful colors

The heartwood of Okan is beautiful yellow to golden brown, with an olive green tint. When exposed to light, it turns red-brown, sometimes even copper-colored. The sapwood can sharply align the heartwood with its pale pink color.

Alternative to Azobé

Technically, you can use Okan as an alternative to Azobé. This ensures that it is suitable for various constructions such as piles, hydraulic engineering or civil constructions, bridge construction, as well as for sleepers, industrial floors and decking.

The price of Okan

Belgium only imports the top quality FAS (First and Second), which means that this type of wood is always heart-free and spinning-free and almost almost completely flawless. Are you interested in the price of Okan? Request a quotation without obligation.

Main use of Okan

  • Terrace boards and industrial floors
  • Ground, freshwater and salt water contact such as poles
  • Bridge construction and sleepers