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Padoek / Padouk

Padoek / Padouk

Pterocarpus Soyauxii

We supply Padouk planks, beams and poles

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Sometimes also called padouk or african padouk wood.

The benefits of Padoek

  • Exceptional color
  • Strong with a good grain pattern
  • Superstable
  • Easy to use


Padouk is also known as 'barwood', probably because it is moisture-resistant and can take a beating. Woodworkers are very fond of padouk as it is hard and yet relatively easy to machine. Because of its wear-resistant character paddy is often used for floors.

Hard and strong, but especially very red

It has a distinctive grain structure, the black vein draws very nicely on the deep red color. The red color can even darken to purple brown. Furthermore, the grain is straight or wavy.

Padouk is known as the fastest discolored wood species, this will soon go to a silver-gray color.

Note: the grain structure remains visible.

Relatively easy to use

Regardless of what you would expect of a wood species that appears to have a rough, cross-grain grain, paddy is much easier and more comfortable to use.

It is therefore popular and is therefore exploited. Padoek can be easily shaped and the joints are also fine. In addition, the nails, screws and glue well for a good assembly and excellent workmanship.

Given its extreme stability, it is almost a challenge to make something wrong with this.

The price of paduk

The price of paduk depends on the desired size.

For example, small slats are a lot cheaper than heavy sizes.

Are you interested in the price of paduk? Request a quotation without obligation. Padoek is not registered as vulnerable.

Main use of padouk

  • Wall cladding
  • Terrace construction
  • Ports
  • Fences
  • Customization outside

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