Paulussen hardwoods trade has been known for decades for hardwood cladding.
Due to a very large stock we can offer a wide range of possibilities.
The shelves in stock are always 15mm thick, 130mm useful width and qualitatively very good.

All wood species age without treatment over time.

Padouk and Afrormosia will discolour the best.

For cladding different types of wood with a natural high durability, stability and maintenance friendliness are eligible, such as:

  • Padoek (or padouk)
  • Afrormosia
  • Afzelia Doussié
  • Iroko
  • Thermo-Ayous

Other types of wood are also available on request.

We can also supply other dimensions such as thicker or wider shelves.

Corner profiles or other boards for finishing, we can provide and plan to size.

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