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Wooden Wall Cladding

Create a unique and distinctive look for your home with a wood cladding, available in a variety of styles.

Wood cladding is a popular wall that can add warmth to a building and is a sustainable option for bricks or alternative finishes.

Unfortunately, we also see that too much is chosen for a wrong type of wood. Virtually all façade claddings are beautiful when they are just placed, very few remain beautiful throughout the years.

We specialize in the better types of wood so that the customer can be certain that if we deliver it, it will be beautiful through the years. We are very happy to inform you so that you have the right type of wood for your cladding.

At Houthandel Paulussen, you will find different styles such as shelves, open block profile, Open alternating block profile, Zelia profile, Filip profile, Filip S profile and Swedish rabat under our wooden façade cladding.

When you think about an environmentally friendly building material, a wooden cladding is an indisputable market leader. The use of hardwood cladding for traditional and contemporary building projects is becoming increasingly popular among architects and designers for both large commercial buildings as well as smaller real estate properties.

If you opt for Afrormosia, Afzelia Doussié or Padouk façade cladding, Houthandel Paulussen can handle any project. Different sizes are available and we can also plan wider beams. All wood species age without treatment over time, but Padouk and Afrormosia in particular will discolour the best. For decades we have been known for our hardwood wall cladding with professional finishing.

A wide range of wooden cladding of the world's most renowned wood species is stored in stock at all times, including Padoek (or Padouk), Afrormosia, Afzelia Doussié, Iroko, Thermo-Ayous, Western Red Cedar and many more.

Our range is always certified and carefully selected to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality at the most competitive prices. Also think of our tailor-made contract work such as corner profiles or other boards for the finishing, we can provide and plan to size.

Our profile FILIP has been patented since 2017.

The great success of this heavy block profile is that we can offer it at very competitive prices.

Our types of wood and wooden cladding come from well-managed and sustainable forests. At Paulussen Hardwoods you buy from a certified source and everything is delivered directly from our extensive stock. To find out more about the possibilities, click on the options.

If our website is not allowed to answer all your questions regarding wooden façade cladding, we are happy to assist you with sincere advice. It is always free to contact us or request a quote.

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