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Wooden Roofing

We clearly notice a new trend, roofing in high-quality wood.

We have been supplying roof coverings for many years, but we see a strong increase in these projects.

We ourselves are amazed by the top architectural projects that are being built today

Many architects finally get to know the quality of padouk and afrormosia and dare to carry out great projects with it.

ATTENTION: with a sloping roof there are much more pitfalls than with a "normal" facade cladding.

After all, the wood has to deal with enormous temperature changes all year round. You can only make this roofing with stable and strong woods.

What to look out for?

  • Stability must be exceptionally good. A lot of wood species are already falling.
  • A strong surface against damage (Thermo woods are not recommended).
  • A solid type of wood so that not too much dirt is absorbed. This is to prevent green deposits.
  • Etc...

In short: Only padouk and afrormosia lend themselves well to this.

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