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Woodsman rough facade

Woodsman rough facade


The raw side of nature.

The Woodsman facade concept is a unique, innovative facade concept in which the wood is planed on three sides and the visible side remains completely rough.
In this way, all traces of the heavy, diligent work remain visible.
Chainsaws, means of transport, color markings, etc. all remain visible.
A tribute to the many workers it takes to transform a tree into a plank.

In addition, the Woodsman has a unique, rough appearance while having all the advantages of a new facade cladding.
The wood is planed to a rock-solid profile, it is easy to combine, quick assembly, etc.

This facade is in the profile FILIP S RIGHT - WOODSMAN.
It has been decided to alternate three fixed widths.
Wood species: Afrormosia.
Result: Beautiful

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