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Outbuilding with integrated door - Westerlo (BE)

Outbuilding with integrated door - Westerlo (BE)


The Forestlines® profile provides the appearance of an open façade cladding, but it only has advantages.
The fire resistance of this profile is unseen, even impossible according to various scientific centers.
The aluminum profile provides a tight line between the wood.
This intelligent aluminum extrusion profile also optimally fixes the wood.
The rear construction is completely screened off, which greatly increases durability.

This project is an excellent example of the beauty of our Forestlines® profile.
In addition, it shows how beautifully you can finish an integrated door with this profile.
Try this with an open facade cladding, you will not come close to our Forestlines® yet.
The contractor says:

Today I worked for the first time with the new Forestlines® facade cladding.
A sleek, modern look for an outbuilding, fence, ...
A perfect combination of Padouk hardwood and black lacquered aluminum.

Craftsman: Garden realizations Tom D\'hondt.

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