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University Hospital Antwerp (BE)

University Hospital Antwerp (BE)


The official order has been made.

The UZA (University Hospital Antwerp) opts for the innovative facade system 'Forestlines'®.

The following aspects play a role in such size of projects:

- Durability
- Fire class (!)
- Beauty

Most profiles fail, especially in the 'fire class' segment.
In the event of a fire, the entire facade cladding is exposed to extreme conditions.
The way of mounting is very important:

- A composite clip could even burn or melt
- An open facade cladding would only be as strong as its weakest link (usually the sub-construction)
- Etc.

The Forestlines profile entered the picture late, but immediately met all requirements.
In addition, the price turned out to be excellent.

The Forestlines profile is planed in block profiles of 50mm useful visible side and an aluminum width of 20mm between the wooden battens.
The black coated aluminum provides the appearance of an open facade cladding, while it significantly upgrades the wooden plank / beam to fire class.

The development of this profile took several years and resulted in enormous costs, but the end result is unseen.
Certain types of wood achieve untreated (!) Fire classes that were previously impossible according to scientific centers.

The Forestlines profile is protected by a registered trademark, registered design and patent.
Only Paulussen Houthandel BV may produce / commercialize this.

Assembly: Drooghmans NV

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