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Annex FILIP S Elewijt (BE)

Annex FILIP S Elewijt (BE)

Thermo Radiata Pine

A very sleek outbuilding in our well-known profile 'FILIP S'.
This is a relatively narrow block profile of 60mm covering width that can be placed both vertically and horizontally.
This gives you an extremely tight outline in your project.

Woods with a 'busy grain structure' always come out beautifully here.
With a narrow block profile, a quiet grain structure will quickly disappear in the tight lines.
A busy grain structure gives a lot of life to this sleek whole.

Unfortunately, we also notice a strong loss of knowledge in the wood world and even the weakest woods are regularly promoted as the best.
Are you unsure about the much information that can be found online?
Be sure to pop in for neutral and honest advice.

This is a beautiful building that we as a supplier are very proud of.

Craftsman: Garden works Jens Mannaerts

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