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Erythrophleum Ivorense and Erythrophleum Suaveolens

Sometimes called eloun, elone or potrodom

The benefits of Tali

  • Durable and durable wood type
  • Alternative to Azobé
  • Busy parquet and plank floor

Wood type with wear-resistant properties

This beautiful wood with a brownish-yellow to brown-red color is very strong and heavy which makes it very durable and durable. Because of these properties Tali is very useful for use in waterworks, bridges and sleepers, but mainly for busy parquet, plank floors and industrial floors.

Alternative to Azobé

Tali, like Azobé, is perfect for heavy structures outdoors, such as waterworks or bridges. On the other hand, with expert drying, it can be used for busy railway floors, parquet and industrial floors.

The color of Tali

Tali has a beautiful brown-yellow or brown-red heartwood with a uniform structure. Sometimes large color differences are created by growth conditions. Under the influence of the light, the colors darken, where sometimes darker colored stripes appear.

The price of Tali

Tali wood with a FAS (First and Second) label as good as free of spint, heart and other defects. Are you interested in the price of Tali? Request a quotation without obligation.

Main use of Tali

  • Heavy exterior constructions such as waterworks, bridges and crossways
  • Quarters sawn terrashout
  • Intensive walk on plank floors, parquet and industrial floors