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Afzelia Piles

Afzelia is a wood species that has been known for many decades for its durability and stability.

In Belgium, people have been making windows and doors for many years.

The type of wood has less grain than, for example, padus or afrormosia and its initial color is slightly orange-like.

Afzelia is a family name that includes several types of wood such as Afzelia Doussie (Bipindensis), Afzelia Pachyloba, etc.

At Paulussen hardwood trade you will only find the best (Afzelia Doussie).

In Europe there is a very scarce stock in Afzelia poles.

We have a small stock of this.

155x155mm, length on request.

These shelves are always in stock in brute form.

We can also provide four-sided planing on request.

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