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Houthandel Paulussen

The specialist in tropical hardwood and unique wood projects

Paulussen Houthandel BV is an extremely innovative timber trade. We are constantly looking for innovation in fire resistance, acoustics, etc. Well-known facade profiles such as Forestlines®, Filip®, Filip®S, Woodsman®, etc. are produced by ourselves

We have a large, in-house production where modern machines are used to deliver a high-quality product. Only the 'better' wood types are used to ensure a high-quality end result.

In recent years, the Forestlines® profile has been developed in response to the new fire regulations in construction. The use of an intelligent, protected aluminum profile between wooden slats ensures that 'impossible' fire reaction classes are suddenly achieved. The Forestlines® will certainly become the new, leading facade concept on the market for larger projects.

In addition, the "Woodsman®" was also invented, whereby the visible side was not planed and we left the story visible from tree to plank. Each plank is unique and shows a beautiful story of hard work.

We are not sitting still and in the meantime we are working on some (major) innovations...

About us

Red Dot Award

The Forestlines® wins not once, but twice.

The Red Dot award is presented annually in Germany and is at the same time regarded as one of the highest innovation and design awards in Europe. Over the years, Forestlines® has emerged as the absolute top in facade cladding. The extreme optimization of the fire reaction of untreated wood was even considered impossible before this innovation. In addition, the ecological aspect was also taken into account, whereby wood can be used optimally as a raw material, etc.

The Forestlines® of Paulussen Houthandel BV was awarded for its innovation and design as 'The best of the best' in the category 'Materials and surfaces'. In addition, it also takes the winning in 'The best innovative product'.

While these awards are usually reserved for large multinationals, we as a family business are all the more proud of this achievement.

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Forestlines® Red Dot Winner 2022 Forestlines® Red Dot Winner 2022

Unique Wood Concepts

The Forestlines has been developed through years of scientific research into the best facade cladding. Our Forestlines leaves the competition (far) behind in almost all areas.

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All the advantages of new wood and the look of 'old wood' are combined. The disadvantages of the older wood (varying sizes, crooked, uncertain durability, etc.) are thus eliminated. A unique, rough facade cladding.

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With the FILIP profile, the wood is optimally used, because the wood is planed from recovery dimensions. The yield of the tree is thus greatly increased and ensures optimal use of a raw material. The use of these recovery measures is not only ecologically responsible, it ensures a relatively competitive price.

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Houthandel Paulussen

Padouk, Afromosia, Ipé, Afzelia for facade cladding, decking, etc.

Houthandel Paulussen
Houthandel Paulussen

We specialize in the very best tropical hardwoods. We supply quality hardwood to more than 2000 projects every year. Our greatest asset is our huge stock.

This stock is not only the most requested dimensions, but also the rarest dimensions on the market. This can range from Afrormosia planks (which are very rare at the moment) or special dimensions in Padouk.

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FSC® is a global, not-for-profit organization with high brand awareness. The FSC certificate guarantees that the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest, with environmental and social aspects being monitored. Ask about our FSC® certified products

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PEFC is a global program that approves national certification systems. It guarantees end users the origin of wood products from responsibly managed forests. Ask about our PEFC certified products

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“ I was very well helped by the people of Houthandel Paulussen. Communication was always smooth and honest. All this with the necessary expertise and professional knowledge!Thank you ”

Ken Verheyen

“ High-quality wood at competitive prices ”

Gert-jan Vanderborght

“ Good support in choosing the wood for our facade and good, fair prices. When it turned out that too much had been delivered due to a mistake, this was simply collected and refunded! In short, recommended, top service! ”

Joeri Luckermans

“ Very hospitable and very fully assisted in the selection of facade cladding! ”

Paul Seip

“ Friendly staff, take their time and explain everything well. Beautiful, high-quality wood. ”

Nicole Wiel