Paulussen Houthandel BV has been playing the card of innovation for many years. Due to this constant search for optimization, we occupy a leading position in the wood market in the Benelux.

Optimizing is innovating

Paulussen Houthandel BV not only supplies high-quality wood, we also listen sincerely to our customers. Architects and professionals who run into a problem time and again, you often come across them.

Paulussen Houthandel BV listens to the problems on the market and helps where possible.

Where there is no immediate good solution, we turn the problem into a challenge.

We use our own years of experience and combine this with external companies/professionals.

This usually results in wild and unachievable ideas, but sometimes we strike the right note and find a wonderful innovation that revolutionizes the wood market.

The Forestlines® is an example of this unprecedented innovation.

Until Forestlines® it was considered impossible to achieve fire class B with untreated wood, the scientific centers agreed on this.

However, a long period of trial-and-error started a revolution in the wood market.

By combining a few physical laws, Forestlines® did achieve the fire reaction class B, which was considered impossible.

This with an untreated type of wood that does not require any pre- or post-treatment.

The Woodsman® is an answer to the declining quality of recycled materials.

The trend towards rawer material has started, but reusable materials also have serious drawbacks.

For example, it is impossible to estimate what durability they have because they have already had a long life, you are bound to deviating dimensions, it is not easy to profile, etc.

The Woodsman® is an excellent solution where the visible side is left rough.

We therefore opt not to apply artificial, rough processing, but to retain the rough, unique character of the plank. The back and sides are planed.

This way you have all the advantages and convenience of new wood, while the rough character is preserved.

The FILIP® and FILIP® S profile has been developed to plan a tight block profile from a 'recovery size'.

When sawing a tree into beams and planks, the large sizes are always removed from the center and you are left with a large amount of recovery sizes.

We devise our profiles in such a way as to be of top quality and to give an optimal return to the tree.

An ecological idea that ensures that every tree trunk is used optimally.

In addition to these innovations, we are always looking for correction ideas.

Fire safety, acoustics, sustainability and ecology are always central to this quest.