Leader in innovation

Paulussen Houthandel BV not only supplies high-quality wood, we also listen sincerely to our customers. Architects and professionals who run into a problem time and again, you often come across them.

Paulussen Houthandel BV listens to the recurring problems on the market and investigates these gaps.

Where there is no immediate good solution, we turn the problem into a challenge.

We use our own years of experience and invest in far-reaching research at accredited research laboratories.

In this way we combine thorough innovation with far-reaching ecological thinking.

Several groundbreaking innovations or even revolutions have been born from this working method and Paulussen Houthandel BV can count itself among the absolute top in terms of innovation.

Forestlines® cladding - Fire reaction class B with untreated wood.

Until Forestlines® it was considered impossible to achieve fire class B with untreated wood, the scientific centers agreed on this.

However, a long period of trial-and-error started a revolution in the wood market.

By combining a few physical laws, Forestlines® did achieve the fire reaction class B, which was considered impossible.

This with all kinds of wood.

This revolution won several national and international awards, including: Red Dot Award 2022 - Best Innovative Product.

Forestlines® Slats

Forestlines® slats - Fire reaction class B with untreated wood.

The revolutionary facade system then led to the next step: the slats. Slats are often used for parking towers to provide a solution both aesthetically and technically.

The flammability of wooden slats was always a problem until our innovation emerged.

Through a combination of all kinds of physical laws, the highest possible fire reaction class was achieved with untreated wood.

At the same time, the architect can choose a wide variety of dimensions.

Thickness: 40-70mm, depth 90-360mm and 20 to 150cm center to center distance.

Wooden roofing with BroofT1

Wooden roofing is a trend that is clearly visible, one beautiful project after another is on the streets.

A trend is usually something 'innovative' and unfortunately there is (too) little testing for this.

With its Forestlines® system, Paulussen Houthandel BV was the first to successfully complete the European BroofT1 fire test or the fly fire test with untreated wood.

Not all roofs have to meet this brand requirement, but the differences are huge.

A roof not only has to be in order from a fire point of view, it is also a special construction from a construction point of view.

The extremes of nature are much greater on a roof covering than on a cladding.

Just think of the heat, the rain load, etc.

The FILIP® and FILIP® S profile has been developed to plan a tight block profile from a 'recovery size'.

Innovation is possible in many areas, including ecologically.

Paulussen Houthandel also visits sawmills on the other side of the world and analyzes the problems there.

When sawing a tree into beams and planks, the large sizes are always removed from the center and you are left with a large amount of recovery sizes.

We devise our profiles in order to be of top quality, but also as an answer to the 'throw-away society' and in this way to give an optimal return to the tree.

An ecological idea that ensures that every tree trunk is used optimally.

Recovery sizes

The Woodsman® is an ode to 'unknown labour'.

The Woodsman® is a frequently chosen solution in which the visible side is left rough.

We therefore choose not to apply artificial, mechanical processing, but to retain the raw, unique character of the plank. In this way the 'unknown, hard labour' of the earlier production process comes into the spotlight.

A woodcutter who has passed on his knowledge from generation to generation, the heavy, old tree saw that still makes tight cuts after many decades, etc.

The back and sides are planed with the Woodsman®. In this way you have all the advantages and convenience of new wood, while the unique, rough character is preserved.