Wooden Cladding

Wooden Cladding

Wooden Cladding

Wooden Cladding

Are you looking for wooden cladding?

The choice of a type of wood and/or profile depends on various factors. A wrong choice can have a huge impact.

At Paulussen Houthandel our advice is of the highest level. Our advice is always sincere and based on international studies, our own scientific research and decades of experience.

Paulussen Houthandel has extensive expertise in many areas, ranging from knowledge of wood, ecological impact, discolouration, sustainability, legislation, etc.

Paulussen Houthandel BV maps the entire process from tree to facade cladding. This gives us a strong impact on price, quality and sustainability.

Based on the many technical problems, Paulussen Houthandel has developed facade profiles that meet the highest quality.

For example, there is the Forestlines® range (façade cladding, slats, etc.) that breaks the scientific boundaries of fire safety. We also have FILIP® and FILIP® S, which provide a strong ecological response to the abundance of recovery buddies. Etc.

We are confident we can provide the very best advice for your project.

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Wooden Cladding

Environmentally friendly building material

When you think about an environmentally friendly building material, wood cladding is an undisputed market leader.

While it used to be the idea to ban hardwood, it is becoming increasingly clear that sustainable, ecological use is the key to ecological success.

The use of hardwood cladding for traditional and contemporary construction projects is becoming increasingly popular among architects and designers for both large commercial buildings and smaller properties.

Paulussen Houthandel is proud of its diverse range of high-quality wood.

This ranges from protected timber species such as Afrormosia, Paduk and Afzelia to Lesser-known Timber Species such as Muiracatiara, Jatoba, Izombe, etc.

Paulussen tries to keep a large stock of most types of wood in order to optimally deliver every project.

Paulussen is a data-driven company and combines international studies with its own research.

This way we can use many types of wood that were previously not suitable for facade cladding.

We have a sky-high ecological ambition.

Wooden Cladding

Sustainable, legal and high quality

Paulussen Houthandel travels around the world to assess the wood for legality, quality and sustainability.

In this way, Paulussen is constantly working on a product of optimal quality.

Also consider our custom contract work, such as corner profiles or other planks for finishing, which we can provide and plan to size.

Paulussen has several patents, registered designs and registered trademarks.

Due to her constant search for optimization, she is one of the most innovative manufacturers, especially in facade cladding.