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Known for years as the specialist in high-quality wood

Since 1984

We supply high-quality wood to several thousands of projects every year.

Sustainability, quality and service are central to our vision.

We always have huge quantities of high-quality wood in stock and take the entire production process into our own hands. We therefore ensure an optimal product in the desired wood type/size.

About us About us
About us

Paulussen Houthandel was founded in 1984 by Paulussen Eric. He started with woods such as azobé as a starting product, but soon expanded the range with padouk/padouk, afrormosia, Afzelia Doussié, okan, etc.

Since 2014, his son, Steven Paulussen, has taken over the company. Today, together with his father, they form a strong duo that is always ready to be of service to you. In addition to the Paulussen family, there is also a strong team of sales, warehouse workers, carpenters and truck drivers at your service.

In 2020 werden de gronden van Houtbedrijf Van Den Broeck in Retie (BE) gekocht. Dit is naar oppervlakte een verzesvoudiging van oppervlakte. Vanaf februari 2021 werd dit de hoofdzetel van Paulussen Houthandel BV.

Vandaag de dag is Paulussen Houthandel een van de meest innovatieve houthandels/houtindustrieën van West-Europa. Ze investeert grote budgetten in research and development, waardoor de ene na de andere internationale doorbraak geboren werd.

Het Forestlines® breekt wetenschappelijke grenzen door als allereerste gevelprofiel het Europese brandreactieklasse B s1 d0 te halen met onbehandeld(!) hout. Daarnaast haalt ze ook als eerste de Europese BroofT1 test ofwel vliegvuurtest met onbehandeld hout.

In 2022 werd de ene na de andere innovatieprijs gewonnen, onderandere de hoofdprijs van de Red Dot Awards werd Paulussen gegeven.

our customers

What our customers say about us

Ken Verheyen

“ I was very well helped by the people of Houthandel Paulussen. Communication was always smooth and honest. All this with the necessary expertise and professional knowledge!Thank you ”

Gert-jan Vanderborght

“ High-quality wood at competitive prices ”

Joeri Luckermans

“ Good support in choosing the wood for our facade and good, fair prices. When it turned out that too much had been delivered due to a mistake, this was simply collected and refunded! In short, recommended, top service! ”

Paul Seip

“ Very hospitable and very fully assisted in the selection of facade cladding! ”

Nicole Wiel

“ Friendly staff, take their time and explain everything well. Beautiful, high-quality wood. ”

About us

Excellent quality

The number of specialized timber traders in Belgium is very small, so you can certainly view us as a specialist in high-quality timber.

Innovation first

Paulussen Houthandel BV is characterized as one of the most innovative timber merchants/woodworkers in innovation with solid wood.

The best professionals

Our people are all trained to have extremely good wood knowledge, so we are happy to share this to optimize your project.

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About us


sales manager
About us


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About us


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