Wooden Roofing

Wooden Roofing

Wooden Roofing Wooden Roofing Wooden Roofing Wooden Roofing Wooden Roofing

Wooden Roofing

We clearly notice a new, beautiful trend, wooden roofing. Although we have been supplying wooden roofing for many years, we are amazed by the beautiful architectural designs.

Many architects are finally getting to know the quality of our innovations and dare to carry out great projects with them.

The supplied systems also provide the necessary security regarding fire safety, water permeability, mounting, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Forestlines® offers an answer to all possible problems with wooden roofing.

A trend is usually something 'new' that is frequently used in the market. Unfortunately, that new also means that (too) little research has been done on it.

Fly Fire Test

Forestlines® is the very first wooden roof covering with untreated wood that easily passes the European BroofT1 test (the flyfire test). Not every home must meet this brand requirement, but unfortunately the differences are enormous.

Even if I don't have to, I always would.

Check it out with your own eyes:

Water permeability

Few people know it, but all kinds of building materials such as roof cloths have a maximum percentage of rainwater below which the functioning is guaranteed.

Roof seals are sometimes no longer covered by the warranty if too much rainwater and/or UV light comes through the covering.

Paulussen will soon be carrying out the necessary tests to find out which profiles fit and which do not.

The Forestlines is probably one of the only (or the only) roofing materials to comply.


The weather extremes that apply to a roof covering are many times greater than those of a facade cladding. Just think of the surface temperature, the rainwater, etc.

The Forestlines® clamps the planks on both sides and thus ensures optimal fixation. The wood will remain much tighter, despite the weather extremes.

Where wood wants to shrink and expand, the aluminum strip counts as a connector to absorb the forces of the wood.


Sustainability is a relative term, what does it mean exactly? When it comes to how long something stays good or how long something stays beautiful, that is a huge difference. Choosing the right wood species is very important.

Which surface treatment to take?

You can paint a facade cladding relatively easily with a certain oil, on the other hand, we do not recommend this on a roof covering. Because the rainwater and UV light have such a major impact on this surface, it will soon disappear and cause the associated ugly discoloration.

What to watch out for

  • When mounting the substructure, your roof will be perforated many times, make sure that little or no rainwater can handle this.
  • The heat from the surface of a roof covering is much higher than that of a facade cladding. Ensure optimal installation.
  • A solid type of wood so that not too much dirt is absorbed. This is to prevent green deposits.
  • Wood expands in width, make sure that your roof does not extend a few meters in winter.
  • Wood shrinks in width, make sure that your roof does not get unexpected cracks in the summer.
  • Opt for an optimal assembly, the extreme heat promotes a curvature of the planks
  • Etc.

Inquire about our expertise and choose quality.

A handy tip: Did you know that our 'Forestlines' profile has been developed for the very best fire safety and also for roofing?

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Wooden Roofing
Wooden Roofing
Wooden Roofing
Wooden Roofing
Wooden Roofing
Wooden Roofing