Woodsman Decking


Woodsman Decking

For thousands of years, hard work has been done to extract wood as a raw material. Over time, the work in the sawmill has remained very labour-intensive. After all, sawing tree trunks is a heavy craft that at the same time contains an incredible amount of knowledge.

As a final processor, we want to pay tribute to the hard work of these craftsmen. The new, innovative concept 'Woodsman' expresses the purest form of the woodcutter's trade.

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Decking Woodsman

New, innovative concept

The word 'Woodsman' translates to Dutch as 'woodcutter' or 'forest dweller'.

The wood is planed on three sides to form wall cladding or decking. The visible side remains untouched, the rough shape of the saw is preserved.

This facade and terrace concept competes with all kinds of reusable materials. After all, the 'Woodsman' concept has some unseen strong advantages compared to reusing materials.

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Fully customizable profile

Both the facade cladding and the decking can be supplied in different (standard) widths.

High finish = Invisibly attached

Decking with B-FIX clip system for blind fixing and blind nailed facade cladding.

Easy installation

The wood is planed on three sides to the profile you want, so the wood will be optimally straight.

Minimum sawing loss

The enormous loss of quality and (especially) processing makes recycling materials very expensive. The 'Woodsman' profile works with standard sizes and therefore has a minimum amount of waste.

Minimum quality loss

Recycled materials usually also have a significant drop in quality. With the 'Woodsman' concept, new, high-quality planks are processed into a robust appearance.

Optimal durability

How many years will recycled materials last? After all, recycled materials have been used for many years/decades and durability cannot be guaranteed. The 'Woodsman' profile gives the rough appearance of sawn wood and optimum durability, given that they are 'new' planks.

Optimal stability

It is often said that recycled materials no longer 'work'. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, recycled decking and cladding work like new boards. We make our 'Woodsman' profile in the most stable types of wood, to enable blind fixing.

Decking Woodsman

Which profiles do we plan in the 'Woodsman' facade concept?

We provide our FILIP S profile in the 'Woodsman' facade concept. This is a tongue-and-groove profile of 21 mm thickness. The possible useful widths are 60mm, 80mm, 105mm and 130mm.

As a decking board we can plan the B-FIX profile for blind fixing in the widths of 70, 90, 115 and 140mm.

Easy and quick to combine.

We can also plan straight for open cladding or screwed decking. This in plank widths of 55, 70, 90, 115 and 140mm. Three sides planed straight and visible side rough.

Download our leaflet so that you can get a good idea of ​​the possibilities.

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