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Enjoy nature in the comfort of your own garden with decking. Houthandel Paulussen has all the quality types and finishes you need to renew your terrace or create a brand new terrace with shelves.

A wooden terrace is the most common choice. It is natural, sustainable and relatively inexpensive. It can also be treated to extend the life of your terrace. The use of decking can really transform your garden. It gives you a valuable extra space to receive and entertain your friends and family.

Terrace boards help you create the perfect space outdoors in your garden. They are environmentally friendly and available in various types of wood with their own color patterns and textures. At Paulussen Hardwoods you will find in our range of decking among others Padoek, Afrormosia, Ipé, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Bamboo and plastic.

You do not have to be a terrace designer to know that Ipé is known as the Mercedes among the types of wood that are used for decking. It offers an amazing durability, it is hard and strong and incredibly beautiful. Because of the B-FIX system there will not be any screw visible and this allows you to create the terrace of your dreams.

At Houthandel Paulussen we have everything you need to create a beautiful and sustainable terrace. We have decking for a covered terrace, above ground pool, front or backyard, etc. You can choose from several types of wood, look once for an overview of the types of wood in our assortment to make your choice.

Here at Houthandel Paulussen we provide you with inspiring ideas to give your garden a facelift. Our projects can help you design your own little oasis of tranquility and add value to your home with just that bit of attention to detail in your own garden. With our large stock of decking you can carefully determine how your garden will be discovered, whether it will be Padoek or Massaranduba; you can enjoy reliability, durability and ease of installation. You can buy your decking in different quantities and thanks to our woodworking machines we can meet all your specific requirements.

Our types of wood and decking are sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests. At Paulussen Hardwoods you buy from a certified source and everything is delivered directly from our extensive stock. To find out more about the possibilities, click on the options:

If our website is not allowed to answer all your questions related to decking, we are happy to assist you with sincere advice. It is always free to contact us or request a quote.

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