Update Covid-19 - 06/05/2020

We do NOT open our timber trade on Monday 11/05.
The unseen crowds do not allow this for the time being.

From Wednesday 13/05 you can come by to discuss a project.
Note: This is by appointment only.
You simply cannot go here without an appointment.

Professionals (BE & NL) can pick up after they have ordered by mail and we have provided a collection time.
Deliveries will continue as normal.
Dutch private individuals: For the time being, only deliveries are possible, collections are not (yet) available.

Thank you for your understanding and take good care of each other.


Afrormosia, together with padouk, has been known for decades as the best type of wood for all-round work outdoors. The wood type lends itself perfectly for façade cladding, gates, windows, doors and decking.

We are very proud that we have been an important reference for Afrormosia decking for years. We have a huge stock and are extremely proud that it is also of a very high quality.

Afrormosia is a stable type of wood with a very beautiful grain structure that is known for its slow discolouration. The ocher-brown color will become somewhat darker and after a very long period to a silver-gray shade. Afrormosia and paduk are the only types of wood where the beautiful grain structure is still visible in the plank after discoloration. It is regularly referred to this wood species as the 'African Teak', because it is similar in appearance, but qualitatively even better.

Afrormosia decking can be ordered with us in the width of 14cm width, the thickness is 20mm.

Since a few years we also offer these boards with blind fastening (B-fix system). This in order to fully realize the beautiful structure of the wood.

Further on our website you will find several afrormosia products such as wall cladding, customization, etc ..

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