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Padouk or padoek decking is the hype of the last years and the near future. We are very proud that we have been an important reference for padouk / padoek decking for years. We have a huge stock and are extremely proud that it is also of a very high quality.

Padouk or padoek is a stable type of wood with a very beautiful grain structure known for its rapid discolouration. The bright red color will soon fade to a brown-red color and after a longer period to a silver-gray shade. This type of wood is written in different ways; padouk, padouk, padouck, etc.

Padouk / padoek decking can be ordered with us in many different widths; 7, 9, 11.5, 14 and 19cm width. All widths are 21mm thick and are frequently present in all kinds of lengths.

You can also lay your terrace in different widths, for example a combination of 9, 14 and 19cm.

Since a few years we also offer these boards with blind fastening (B-fix system). This in order to fully realize the beautiful structure of the wood.

The excellent wood properties of padouk ensure that you can use this type of wood for all applications. While wood species such as ipé are only good for terrace construction, padouk is a real all-rounder.

You can use these for façade cladding, terrace construction, fencing, garden gate, windows and doors, etc.

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