Forestlines Facade Cladding

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Forestlines® Cladding

The Forestlines® facade system is the holy grail of wooden facade cladding in several areas.

It is a circular facade system that has been optimized over many years through scientific testing.

As a result, it reaches the absolute top in many areas; fire reaction class, structural detailing, ecological impact, circularity, etc.

With every order in Forestlines®, you as a customer contribute to sustainably managed forests and scientific research by Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS).

Forestlines® protects large amounts of forest and its biodiversity every year, while at the same time it has the best chance of introducing biodiversity into construction through scientific research.

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Forestlines Facade Cladding


The Forestlines® facade system is the end result of extensive scientific research that started just after the fire in the Grenfell Tower (London - 2017).

The Forestlines® is the very first facade system that achieves fire reaction class B-s1,d0 in numerous installations without any treatment.

In the meantime, the highest achievable fire reaction class is achieved in all kinds of different types of wood, different plank widths, different aluminum widths, different substructures, different back plates and all insulation materials.

Regardless of the extreme size of the study, we continue to investigate new parameters and always answer the questions of the market.

In addition, we are an official FSC partner and we work hard to research Lesser Known Timber Species and therefore protect biodiversity.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Fully customizable profile

Two clip widths and countless possibilities in wood.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Invisible Confirmation

High finish, invisibly screwed.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Fast assembly

Simple and quick installation.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Price advantage

Absolute minimum sawing loss = price advantage. The wood and aluminum should not meet on a rear slat.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Innovative screw

Innovative screw with wood cutter and torx head.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Minimum of insects

Minimum of spiders, insects, dirt, etc.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Top quality aluminum

Top quality aluminum.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Scratch resistant coating

Strong scratch resistant coating.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Coating in accordance with QUALICOAT Seaside.

Stronger protection for particularly aggressive environments (coastal region, industrial area, etc).

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Under own management

Top quality wood and processing under our own management.

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Developed with craftsmen and architects

The profile has been developed in consultation with craftsmen and architects

Forestlines Facade Cladding

Protected profile

The Forestlines® is an extensive study and therefore protected.

RedDot Winner 2022
RedDot Best Innovative Product 2022
European Product Design Award
Iconic Awards
Architecture Masterprize Product Design 2022
BCA22 Awards Climate Future Product/Concept
German Design Award