Barn house in nature - Oosteind (NL) Cladding Padoek

Barn house in nature - Oosteind (NL)

About this project

Barn houses are a trend of recent years for relatively large, exclusive projects.
You can design a barn house in many different ways, but there is always a return to 'natural' elements such as wood, thatched roofs, etc.

This project was designed by the renowned architect Joep van Os.
An architect with an excellent knowledge of materials, an aspect that should not be underestimated.

In this project, the choice was made for the excellent quality of the wood type padouk.
Now the wood has a brown intermediate color that is characterized by its many color shades.
Let the wood age further untreated and it is the only type of wood that ages beautifully in all directions.

An excellent choice of wood in a daring, but beautiful end result.
Our compliments.

Architect: Joep van Os - van Os Architecten
Photography: Joseph Briaire
Wooden facade: Paulussen Houthandel

Houthandel Paulussen supplied the materials for this project. We do not realize projects ourselves, but we can refer you to the right craftsman or specialist.

Category: Cladding
Wood type:Padoek