Fence Forestlines Riethoven (NL) Garden fences Afrormosia

Fence Forestlines Riethoven (NL)

About this project

Did you know that our Forestlines® profile is also mounted horizontally?
The slats are slightly chamfered to allow the water to run smoothly.
The aluminum intermediate profiles here also have a size of 20 or 30 mm.

Here a width of 55mm was taken and an intermediate space of 20mm.
The wood type Afrormosia gives its characteristic quality to the whole.

Huge Benefits:
- The wood can easily be mounted in line with each other, so you have an absolute minimum of cutting loss.
- You have the view of an open façade cladding, while all slats are solidly attached in a closed system.
- You have an unseen strong fire resistance, which can be compared to natural stone.
- The whole is super durable as the underlying structure is protected by the aluminum batten.
- The whole is completely screwed blind, you will not see any fixings
- and many more benefits

Professional on duty: Renders from Riethoven (NL).
Our compliments!

Houthandel Paulussen supplied the materials for this project. We do not realize projects ourselves, but we can refer you to the right craftsman or specialist.

Category: Garden fences
Wood type:Afrormosia