Garage facade and roof Mechelen (BE) Roofing Afrormosia

Garage facade and roof Mechelen (BE)

About this project

A project that will impress all wood enthusiasts.

All wind directions are provided with a facade cladding, as well as a total roof covering in this profile.
Our innovative Forestlines® profile in the wood type Afrormosia has been chosen.

The people who like details can enjoy this project.
The entire roof construction is provided in one length of wooden beams as well as one length of our intelligent aluminum profile.
This ensures an absolutely strong construction that will be very strong in terms of fire.

If you look closely, you can even see that it has an invisible gutter.
Everything very subtle and sleek.

A wonderful project!

Professionals on duty:
E&L Bouwpartners BVBA

Houthandel Paulussen leverde de materialen voor dit project. Zelf realiseren wij geen projecten, maar we kunnen u wel doorverwijzen naar de juiste vakman of specialist.

Category: Roofing
Wood type:Afrormosia