Hangar 26 - 27, Antwerp (BE) Cladding Padoek

Hangar 26 - 27, Antwerp (BE)

About this project

Paulussen is supplying its innovative facade system Forestlines for the 2022 renovation project.
Hangar 26-27 on the Scheldt quays (near the MAS) will be the landmark on the Scheldt in terms of innovation, circularity, etc.

Almost 50,000 m1 padouk beams have been delivered to be assembled into prefabricated panels by the customer.
The wood is FSC100% and processed entirely in-house.

The intended fire class was easily achieved in END-USE by using the principles of our innovative Forestlines system. In order to obtain the intended result of the architect, some serious technical puzzling had to be done so as not to see the possibilities of the raw materials as a limitation.
Another setup with equivalent results was designed for this.
Slightly different shape, but almost all defining points of the Forestlines were integrated.

The iconic Hangar 26/27 building is located on the Eilandje in Antwerp, with an immediate view of the Scheldt on the one hand and of the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) on the other.
The Danish architecture firm CF Moller has meanwhile been appointed by Leasinvest Real Estate as the architect for the development of a high-quality mixed-use project, with an extension of the offices and retail, whereby particular attention is paid to the accessibility between the private spaces and the public space of the quays.

Which construction professionals are playing the card of innovation?
Limeparts-Drooghmans - Nextensa NV - MBG - CFMoller - Faktor30

Houthandel Paulussen supplied the materials for this project. We do not realize projects ourselves, but we can refer you to the right craftsman or specialist.

Category: Cladding
Wood type:Padoek