Design bridge Oosterhout (NL) Terraces Itauba

Design bridge Oosterhout (NL)

About this project

Our customers make projects at the highest degree of finish.

In this project, a 250 m² deck will be constructed in the Itauba wood type.
The planks are 140mm wide and have the B-FIX profile for blind mounting.

The finish usually makes the difference between a beautiful and a super nice project.
This project has a nice bridge that has been laid out in a very nice pattern.

Everything nicely mitred while there is an angle and a width difference in the bridge.
Top result!

Houthandel Paulussen leverde de materialen voor dit project. Zelf realiseren wij geen projecten, maar we kunnen u wel doorverwijzen naar de juiste vakman of specialist.

Category: Terraces
Wood type:Itauba