Bijgebouw hout en trespa Rijkevorsel (BE) Outbuilding Padoek

Bijgebouw hout en trespa Rijkevorsel (BE)

About this project

Our customer has placed a hardwood outbuilding in Rijkevorsel (BE).
The \'variegated\' character of the padouk is very characteristic.
The red color will disappear very quickly and will make way for a very \'variegated\' brown color.
The color difference is very nice and gives a unique character to your outbuilding.

Testimonial from the end customer:

It was a very pleasant collaboration with Wim (a man who keeps his agreements).
Everything (construction, wood, trespa and finishing) has been perfectly finished in mutual consultation.

Houthandel Paulussen supplied the materials for this project. We do not realize projects ourselves, but we can refer you to the right craftsman or specialist.

Category: Outbuilding
Wood type:Padoek