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Terrace changing widths Dilbeek (BE)

Terrace changing widths Dilbeek (BE)


Paulussen Hardhouthandel is always committed to making every project unique.
Our client from the Brussels region had to complete an exceptional project.
We were happy to cooperate to obtain an excellent end result.

The terrace is placed in three fixed widths (70, 90 and 115mm) which have been laid alternately with the B-FIX profile.
The planks were planed to size according to the width chosen by the customer.
We can plan them in the B-FIX profile in 70, 90, 115, 140 and 190mm width.

All parties (the customer, contractor and timber trade) are extremely satisfied with the end result.
Like this terrace, there is no other in the large area.

Simply a top project!

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