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Totaaltuin Baarn (NL) Outbuilding Afrormosia

Totaaltuin Baarn (NL)

About this project

In Baarn (NL) a total project was realised in 2018.

The clients didn't want the whole enchilada of woodtypes for terrace, outbuildings, fence, etc. 

Only padouk and afrormosia are at the absolute top in every applications.


With this project everything is in afrormosia. 


We recieved this photos with the following reaction:

"A photo of our outer space with your incredible beautiful wood, thnx"

Houthandel Paulussen supplied the materials for this project. We do not realize projects ourselves, but we can refer you to the right craftsman or specialist.

Category: Outbuilding
Wood type:Afrormosia