Afzelia Doussie


Afzelia bipindensis Harms

Afzelia Doussie
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Other names
Latin name
Afzelia bipindensis Harms
Growth area
Tropical rainforest of Cameroon and Gabon
Tree description
The afzelia tree grows to an average height of 15 to 25 metres. The trunk is straight, with an average diameter of 90 cm. The root runs are one to one and a half meters high. The crown spreads vertically or horizontally: age and growth determine its shape.
Wood description
The heartwood sometimes shows large shades of color within one trunk: from light ocher to brown-red. The structure is even and usually without a pronounced drawing. The sapwood is whitish yellow. Sawn flat, the wood sometimes shows vague flames, on quarter of an hour that can become vague stripes.
Cross thread
Moderately coarse to coarse
Voluminous mass
620 – 820 – 950 kg/m³ at 12% moisture content
Natural durability class 1

Scope of application

Afzelia Doussie
Screwed patio floors
Terrace floors blind
Earth and water works