Paulussen Houthandel has been a supplier of many gate makers, garden house builders, etc. for many years. We keep an enormous stock of raw wood and plan it on request to the profile as you, the customer, wish.


If you, as a returning customer, have a certain regularity in your wood needs, we as a supplier will ensure a rough stock as far as possible. Continuity is important to us, but also to the professional customer.

Planing options

Paulussen Houthandel is growing strongly every year in planing possibilities. From the spring we have four planing benches of very high quality. In this way, despite the growing demand, we always try to be able to supply the material at short notice.

Large stock

For years, Paulussen Houthandel has opted for a menu from a large stock. This means not only that we keep a large stock of the most common sizes, but also that we take stock in exceptional sizes. In the wood type padouk, for example, we regularly have sizes of 27x270mm in stock.

Quality / Price

In 2021 / 2022 it will be very difficult to keep a stock in the better types of wood. The supply has become so disrupted that lesser qualities and more expensive prices have unfortunately become common. Paulussen Houthandel BV buys at the source and works very hard to keep the quality high and the price low.