The revolutionary roof and facade system Forestlines® was crowned the winner twice.On the one hand at 'Design for Society / Design for Environment' and on the other hand at 'Material Design/Building'.

Hot off the needle:
Earlier this year, Forestlines® was awarded twice at the well-known 'Red Dot Awards 2022'.
One even as 'The best innovative product'.
Now other renowned awards are following her lead.

The Forestlines® of Paulussen Houthandel BV takes the double win in the European Product Design Awards (ePDA).
We were awarded as winners in 'Design for Society / Design for Environment' and 'Material Design/Building'.
An incredible recognition of one of the highest European awards.

The Forestlines optimizes untreated wood to unprecedented heights and ensures that the most ecological raw material can be used much more.
A long process of trail and error is once again rewarded with this.
A prestigious award of which we are of course very proud.

But wait, these awards don't stop there!
So early next week we will announce two other awards...

European Product Design Awards (ePDA)
Forestlines® - the innovation