As an architect, you have a moral duty to explore novelties and appreciate them for yourself.After all, lifting the quality of architecture to new levels begins with the architect's knowledge and ambition. Today's architects face punishing challenges.Climate-neutral building, modular construction, energy-efficient products, etc.How does one still see the forest for the trees?

The architectural world is inundated with innovations in all kinds of applications.
Some manufacturers shout from the rooftops that they are better, while others do the same.
As punishing as the innovations are, virtually every innovation has a drawback.
One finds a super-ecological product but encounters high flammability, another enhances flammability but loses sight of ecology, and many other examples.*

Paulussen Houthandel BV's Forestlines® is an "extreme innovation" as we say ourselves.
After a scientific study of several years the optimal form was found.

The system optimizes every type of wood, up to the 'unachievable' fire reaction class B s1 d0.
The wooden slats are optimally mounted, allowing for up to 50% less sawing loss.
It is a circular system that you can disassemble and reassemble elsewhere without any loss in aesthetics or quality.
The aluminum optimally captures the action of the wood planks, allowing for less stable wood species as well.
It brings untreated wood back to the absolute top as a building material.

So what is a disadvantage of the Forestlines®?

Although the Forestlines® optimizes any wood species, we cannot make board non-combustible.
We do need a certain density (kg/m3) to achieve the impossible fire reaction class B s1 d0.
So for the high fire reaction classes, you quickly end up with hardwoods.
Ecology could therefore be a disadvantage in certain cases.

What steps do we take?

Forestlines® is a facade system that is at the absolute top in terms of installation, fire safety, etc.
It would be a sin not to use this pioneering role to make ecology just an advantage!

We here at Paulussen have been working for some time on getting to the bottom of raw materials in terms of properties, composition, ingredients, etc.
In the last three months, Forestlines® has done a great deal of testing to arrive at a comprehensive classification.
Many "Lesser Known Species" have been extensively tested and will soon be included in this classification.
Wood species such as Izombe, Muiracatiara, Jutai, Basralocus, Jatoba, etc were all included.

By choosing FSC® certified wood, you are giving extra value to the trees and protecting the forest for a period of time.
Remember, this untreated (!) and lesser-known wood is then used optimally by the Forestlines® facade system, achieves the desired fire reaction class, is, becomes circular, etc.

In short:

We are looking for architects who want to listen to our story with us and open their project to truly innovate.

Feel free to let us or one of our dealers come and tell our story.
You will undoubtedly be curious. :)

* These are purely indicative examples without any reference to other systems/producers/colleagues.