Paulussen Houthandel BV has been nominated as 'MOST SUSTAINABLE COMPANY 2023' in the 'Ecology' category.

Paulussen Houthandel BV owes this nomination entirely to its thorough scientific research into the combustibility of (untreated) wood.
This is where the revolutionary Forestlines® system was born, which is the first to optimize all kinds of untreated wood types in END USE to a fire reaction class B.

After all the remarkable benefits of the Forestlines had been fully mapped out, the choice was made to promote global ecology and biodiversity.
The research changed from the fire behavior of known wood species to a study on 'Lesser Known Timber Species' or LKTS.

By using LKTS in certified wood in our Forestlines facade system, you protect large areas of forest for 30 years.
You not only protect the forest, but also its biodiversity.
An important part of ecology in which the world has suffered a sharp decline in recent decades.

We were selected from a nice series of companies to go through to the final selection round.
Although we are already a very proud nominee, hopefully we will of course take the top spot.
Congratulations to the other nominees!

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