Paulussen's scientific research into the fire behaviour of Lesser Known Timber Species sets a trend for the entire timber and construction industry. If we want to protect forests and their biodoversity, it is essential that we manage them sustainably and diversify into timber species.

After extensive research, we already had nine wood species that achieved fire reaction class B-s1,d0 untreated.
Today we welcome our tenth variant, the wood species 'Guariuba'.

Guariuba is a South American wood species included in the list of Lesser Known Timber Species (or LKTS).
This bright yellow wood species will soon discolour to a brown colour after installation.
Under certain light, the wood species acquires a golden sheen.

Guariuba is a wood species with good stability that is distinguished from the other nine wood species by its density.
With an average density of 630 kg/m3 at 10% moisture content, it is rather low.
The heartwood is durability class 1 according to NEN-EN 113: Laboratory test without ground contact.
These properties are ideal for durable facade and ceiling cladding.

Paulussen Houthandel imports Guariuba in all sizes with the FSC hallmark for sustainable forest management.
Guariuba achieves fire reaction class B-s1,d0 in the Forestlines® facade system without fire-retardant treatment.

We thank everyone who helps diversify into wood species.
You help protect forests and their biodiversity and your choice of Forestlines® helps fund this research.

In the coming months, there are many more wood species waiting to be tested...