After the double award winning Forestlines, Paulussen Houthandel innovates again for the wood world.

Paulussen Houthandel BV is a supplier to an incredibly large number of contractors.
Besides supplying quality materials, we are also very close to our professional customers and we listen to good and less good things.

The B-FIX system has been known for many years as the best system for blind fixing of decking/decking boards.
Paulussen is one of the largest customers at B-FIX and is happy to help optimize systems.

Due to the lower availability of high-quality wood, mounting in a wild context has become a necessity.
Unnecessary sawing off parts of the plank is therefore no longer of this time.
We must make optimum use of wood as an ecological raw material.

When placing wooden terraces / decking in a wild bond, it was always prescribed to install a double bottom beam at every meeting.
However, the word 'wildband' means that this meeting of planks was difficult or impossible to determine.
In most cases it was not done and the single clip formed a fragile point where planks dared to deform, crack, etc

We, Paulussen Houthandel, attach great importance to the quality of wood and systems.
We designed the new 'Connector' clip together with the craftsmen from B-FIX.
This clip is approximately twice as long to ensure optimum clamping of both planks.
In addition, there are two screws in this clip to ensure that in the event of a shrinkage of the plank width, there is no possibility to rotate the clip, etc

B-FIX was already known as the best clip for blind fixing.
With the integration of her 'B-FIX Connect', her system is growing again in terms of quality to unprecedented heights.

Although Paulussen Houthandel has co-developed the connector, we should not have any rights or other rights for it.
Thanks to this innovation, we see the market for wooden decking boards rise again in terms of installation quality.
This innovation will not miss its target.