The Red Dot Awards are widely regarded as one of the largest and most important innovation and design prizes. Since 1955, this famous prize has been awarded to designers worldwide. The Forestlines® facade system already won the main bird in 2022, this year the Forestlines® slats will take this honor.

The Forestlines® slats win the 'Red Dot Award 2024' as an 'Innovative Product'.

The innovative wooden slats are an absolute revelation in construction.
An intelligent, non-combustible profile is integrated on the sides, resulting in fire reaction class B-s1,d0 with untreated wood.

The intelligent aluminum profile in itself already provides a large reduction (20 to 30%) of flammable surface area.
At the same time, the size and positioning ensure that this percentage is increased to 60 to 80%.

The profile is designed in such a way that it ticks off all construction technical points.
It installs smoothly, prevents deeper penetration, keeps distance for moisture, etc.
Although the intelligent profile has such a great impact, it is barely visible due to its positioning in the sides.

In this way, all kinds of Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS) can achieve fire reaction class B-s1,d0 without (fire-retardant) treatment.
Untreated wood is optimally used as the most ecological raw material.

No modification or treatment is applied, so wood remains an ecological raw material and therefore does not become a composite material.
Once the product has reached the end of its life, all components are easily detachable and (very) easily recyclable.

In addition to the Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS), it is also possible to use reclaimed wood for this application.

"I am extremely proud that our latest innovation has won this prestigious award for exceptional product designs. The Forestlines® slats are a very innovative product that pushes the boundaries of science. During the innovation process, product development is always linked to a few important conditions: - Ecology ( sustainability, circularity, impact on people and the environment, etc.), design and price. The Forestlines® slats score exceptionally well in all areas.
Innovation is the key to an ecological world"
- Steven Paulussen - Director and designer - Paulussen Houthandel. -

The Forestlines® slats are patent pending.