Entandrophragma Utile

Sometimes also called assié, kalungi or utile.

The benefits of Sipo

  • Alternative to mahogany
  • Hard and stable
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In everything but the name mahogany

Sipo has many similarities with African mahogany and is therefore often used as an alternative to mahogany. Also, sipo has alternating bands of pale and medium reddish brown that gradually darkens to a more consistent color. These bands vary in width and length, suggesting a cross-grained grain, although sipo is probably more consistent than African mahogany.

Hard and stable wood type

This tropical hardwood can be worked well by hand as well as with machines. The heartwood is durable, but the sapwood is vulnerable to insect attack. Should the grain be filled in, the wood will absorb stains and polishes well, providing a superb finish.

It is medium heavy (660kg/cu.m).

The price of sipo

Sipo is not as widely available as African mahogany, but is exploited just as intensively in Africa. Are you interested in the price of sipo? Request a quote without obligation.

Main uses of sipo

  • Interior, especially furniture and cabinets
  • Joinery including shop interiors and interior moldings